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Get your greens the simple way with our plant-based Organic Greens smoothie booster. Blending the benefits of only four clean green ingredients, our carefully formulated Organic Greens powder offers the best of the sea, land and trees. Plus, we steer clear of any added flavors and other “extras” so you can experience the real taste of whole-food nutrition. We tend the garden of greens while you reap the benefits.

We guarantee you'll love it or your money back!
  • 10g real Organic Greens per serving
  • 3-week supply (21 servings)
  • Organic moringa, spirulina, alfalfa leaf and barley grass
  • Certified organic, vegan and gluten free
  • Non-GMO and allergen free
  • No added flavors or other "extras"

What does it taste like? The greens in our Organic Greens smoothie booster are loud and proud, and we don't try to hide it with flavors or sweeteners. That's why our Organic Greens supplement is so rich in dark green color! The natural flavor of Organic Greens is reminiscent of dark leafy green veggies with a hint of sea salt. The texture is smooth and blends into your smoothie or blender bowl seamlessly. You'll love the way Organic Greens nourishes your body from the inside out.*

How do I use it? For lovers of dark leafy greens, you can blend this into anything. If you don't love the flavor of greens, don't worry! We've got you covered. Our Organic Greens smoothie booster blends perfectly in a simple smoothie like banana, peanut butter and cacao plus a touch of honey - and we have plenty more recipes on our blog!

For more Organic Greens smoothie ideas and more, visit the recipe section of our blog.

Organic Greens Supplement

With every Organic Greens you purchase, we give 3 meals to nourish the hungry in the USA. Click the logo below to learn more.

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