Our Story

The Natural Citizen was founded out of the desire to create products that help you balance your diet while eating the food you like so you can get out there live life!

I started my healthy journey back in college. I was a highly competitive swimmer and keeping my energy up was paramount to success. Sometimes, I would do all of the right things. I would exercise, eat well, sleep plenty and I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be. Worst of all, I was feeling more tired than ever and it reflected in my performance.

This prompted me to try a bunch of different diets and products.  However, nothing really worked. My performance continued to suffer! Wherever I turned, products had hidden sugar or empty calories that I didn’t need. Others had chemicals that would harm my body. As the years passed my struggles continued. After finishing my law degree I worked in the food and supplement industry for a number of years.  I witnessed both the best and the worst practices in the industry and, sadly enough, there were plenty of the latter.  I started to be conscious about what was happening in our food chain…l woke up!

Over the years, I found that supplementing my diet with the right food, in the right way, allowed me to stick with a healthy eating routine. I wanted a whole food supplement that allowed me some versatility, something that if I was in rush I could just toss a scoop of into water or coffee and I didn’t have to commit to a certain flavor.  I needed something I could trust, that didn’t “secretly” add a bunch of sugar, calories, or chemicals to my diet. I wanted something that gave me healthy portions of protein, vitamins and a dose of energy that didn’t make me jittery or crash later on.

Many of my friends and colleagues shared a similar journey and had the same issues. Based on all of their feedback and the experiences I witnessed in the industry, I started this journey and ... The Natural Citizen was born!  A company that created products that would allow you to tailor your nutrition to your needs and your lifestyle. Do you want to supplement your diet with real food? Go ahead, you can do that with our protein which doesn’t have any added flavors or sweeteners. Do you want to add it to something savory or sweet?  Either one is great, go ahead. Our products don’t have any flavors or sweeteners so they blend right in so you can enjoy your smoothie, your meal or whatever you want. You can add it to a spread, soups or even to your favorite veggie juice. Do you need extra calories for your work out? You can add our products to a pancake or overnight oatmeal. 

The benefits are not only about making my body healthy but also about how I feel on the inside. I don’t feel like I am dieting, it’s a lifestyle. I feel energized to do the stuff that I like and pursue my dreams without ever being worried about my diet and what I am going to eat.