Our Difference

Simplicity and quality set The Natural Citizen apart, and the two go hand in hand. We cut out the frills, flavors and miracles and deliver nothing but honest, wholesome quality-tested whole foods. Plus, every product we sell gives back.


When it comes down to the functionality of a supplement, it’s not about the number of ingredients, but the purpose of every ingredient. That’s why you’ll find only a small handful of whole foods in all of our products. Every formulation was carefully curated with diverse ingredients that each serve a unique purpose, yet work in perfect harmony to support the formulation’s function and your health.

And, let’s not forget that our product is simple to use. Just scoop, blend and enjoy the benefits.


Because we keep our formulations simple, we’ve made quality testing possible. Many health food companies cut corners on quality because they can. In fact, government health standards are fairly relaxed and difficult to enforce, which is why you often hear about issues with our country's food supply and other supplement products.

The truth is that testing costs money, and that money comes directly out of profit margin. The more ingredients a product contains, the more money it costs to manufacture if the company is testing each ingredient. By keeping the number of ingredients to a minimum, we can test every ingredient and ensure that the product you are consuming is exactly what it says it is -- and exceeds our high quality standards.

Giving Back

The Natural Citizen was founded to do the most good for as many people as possible. Our products are developed to nourish the body for those of us fortunate enough to have the means to blend a smoothie in our kitchen every morning. But, there are millions of people in the USA who don’t even have access to breakfast. That’s why with every purchase you make from The Natural Citizen, we donate 3 meals to nourish the hungry. You can read more about our Three for All effort here.