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Three for All

With every product that you purchase from The Natural Citizen, we cover the cost of three meals through donations to reputable charities.

Today, over 1 billion people around the globe are living with hunger. It’s an issue that touches us all, and where each of us can make an impact. When we founded The Natural Citizen, we didn’t set out to solve world hunger overnight – we set out to improve the greatest number of lives possible. And, we discovered that the best place to start is right here in the USA.

There are over 46 million Americans living in poverty, and nearly 15 percent of American households don’t know where its next meal will come from. With the amount of food waste and obesity in our country, how do we allow our citizens go hungry? While our Three for All effort won’t fix our country’s poverty issues, it does work to improve the lives and brighten the day of those in our communities who are less fortunate. Everyone deserves honest-to-goodness wellness, and for some that just means access to a real meal three times a day.

Thank you for supporting Three for All with every purchase you make from The Natural Citizen!

Three for All



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